We are a group of experienced and enthusiastic professionals dedicated to delivering customized plastic solutions to our clientele.

Based at Murbad, Maharashtra, India, Bhagul Industries is a dedicated leading manufacturer of PP bags, HM bags and customized plastic finished products. The company is also involved in importing, locally procuring, recycling & reprocessing of plastic raw materials.

Bhagul Industries boasts of over 15 years of experience providing technological know-how, customer service and above all, delivering path breaking solutions that exceed expectations ......


Contract Manufacturing :

Drawing on decade of experience in plastics manufacturing, Bhagul has the technical expertise to help commercialize any business idea involving manufacturing goods from recycled plastics. Our engineers support raw material selection and process design.

Typically, the benefits of contract manufacturing are cost savings, mutual benefits (both to the firm and to the contractor), high quality and individual focus. Since contract manufacturers cater to multiple firms and understand their needs and resources and also provide for the same, they often offer reduced costs.


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